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In Memory Of Pets Newsletter
September 2004

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Over the past year, we have tried to bring more ways of helping and given support to every one with a Loss.

Some things did work like the "Photo Gallery" and on the other hand like the "Chat" that didn't come about.

We are sorry to say. This "News Letter" for example was stoped due to so many filters folks must use

to help stop"Spam". I would like to bring back the "News Letter". Not to be sent out to anyone.

But as a way to reach every who may be interested with Topics of support and health for all our babies.

If anyone may be interested to handleing the "News Letter".

Once a month would be find. Please let ( CaroleMiller@In-Memory-Of-Pets.Com ) know of your interest.

We do hope in the coming days, months and years.

We will always find better ways in offering Support and help to everyone.

Blessings Always,